How I Taught Quran To My 5yr Old Child In 5 Months

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How I Taught Quran To My 5yr Old Child In 5 Months

How I Taught Quran To My 5yr Old Child In 5 Months

New things make people need help. When a student is in school or college, he needs help with paper. At the start of learning the Qur’an, it is important to have a mentor with him. When my daughter turned 5 years old, we began our journey through the Quran. Ramadan came in the middle, which made her want to finish her Quran in 5 months, alhamdulillah.

Before the fifth grade, we only learned Arabic letters and Noorani Qaida (a book for beginners to learn how to read Quranic Arabic). Every Islamic store has at least one of these things in it. Then, you can get and print a free Qaida pdf file (in English or Urdu).

Things To Do Before Starting the Quran

Teaching your child Surah Fatiha and having them read it in every Salah for many, many years after you would be a huge reward (in shaa Allah). There are at least 17 times a day when Muslims have to pray. They have to do fard Salah (five obligatory prayers: two rak’ah in Fajr, four in Dhuhr, four each in Asr, three in Maghrib and four in ‘Isha). More than 500 times in a month, he reads just the Surah Fatiha over and over again.

If you were to teach them the whole Quran, what would happen? In the next part, imagine them teaching the Quran (that you taught them) to other people. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? This is the first thing I’m going to say, because your passion is the first step, they’ll take on this beautiful journey.

1. Get to Know Your Child’s Personality and Engage with Them Outside of Quran Time

The truth is that to make a child love something, you must teach it with love. Sometimes we build up a sense of love and connection over the course of our days and months. This helps us bring that same love (and maybe some more) into our time with the Quran. Getting to know your child better will help you make their Quran lessons more personalized.

Only you, as a parent, truly know your child. You live with them every day. There are a lot of things you know about them. You know what makes them angry, happy or sad, worried, excited or scared. Use what you already know about your child’s personality to your advantage.

2. Encourage Them to Adore Allah and The Quran

Hope this article helps you teach your child to love the Quran and Sunnah so that they are excited to start their life-long journey.

3. Practice What You Preach – Be A Role Model for Them and Surround Them with Other Positive Role Models

Young children are very much influenced by their parents. The more they grow up, the more they might be influenced by their peers. No matter what, they always come back to their home. The more their parents do what they say, the more trustworthy they become. Make sure you think about when you last tried to understand the Quran. When you read the Quran out loud or rock your child to sleep with the Quran, let them hear you. Quran should be heard in your homes every day and read often. People who want to learn Quran with Tajweed can do it on their own, too.

Step 1: You will first learn about the subject and then teach your child.

Step 2: You will also need to do this. Make sure you set the same high standards for yourself as you do for your child.

People might take longer than you, but I hope Allah will reward you in the form of your kids bonding with the Quran because of it. In the beginning, you may only need to speak simple words. You can also learn more advanced Tajweed while you teach your child. Every evening, my kids go to their paternal grandparents because I live right next to the joint-family system. Their paternal uncle and aunt both study their hifz lessons at maghrib time, which helps the kids stay motivated.

4. Make the Quran A Part of Your Daily Routine by Listening to It Frequently

Start and end your day by reading the Quran. The way your child will start to accept it as part of their home environment will be clear to see. This is especially true if they start this habit at a young age. “My child has finished the Quran,” a woman told us once when she came with her baby.

We didn’t know what she meant. This is what she told me. The child just finished listening to the Quran from start to finish. Our surprised looks turned into deep feelings of love. Our children should be able to find, love, and be guided by these words from God.

5. Don’t Force Them to Do Something If They Don’t Want To; Instead, Get Inventive

Force them to start reading the Quran if they aren’t ready. But instead of giving up, come up with creative ways to get their attention and keep them going. I once heard a mother say that the best way to keep her child interested was to make her stuffed toys her classmates.

In the beginning, her daughter would repeat after her and her daughter would make her classmates repeat after her. As her daughter became more confident, she began to lead the class. Keep the enthusiasm of her daughter going. So, if your child is interested in something, use that to your advantage.

After she kept getting the word wrong over and over, my five-year-old started to cry, and I remember that. I hugged her, put her in my lap, and said, “Ok! I’ll do that.” Let’s pray to God together. It was still hard for her to stop crying, so I asked her to just repeat what I said. I put her hands in mine and said, “Ya Allah! I love you.”

As a favor, please teach me your words so I can recite them and understand what you are telling me. She kept repeating after me as I kept going. “Oh Lord! I want to read the Quran in a beautiful voice so you can listen to me like you did your Prophets P.B.U.H (based on the following hadith I had already told her).

6. Make Sure That the Noorani Qaida Is Completely Done Before You Start the Quran

If they don’t know their Arabic letters, you should make sure they do before you start the Noorani Qaida, as well A lot of Noorani Qaidas are for sale. One type of writing is called the ‘Uthmani script, which is used in the Madina Mus-haf. Another type is called the Indo-pak script.

The one with more harakaat (signs) on Noorani Qaida may be easier for a child to read because it has more visual clues. But a child can also do very well once he or she has learned how to write in the ‘Uthmani script. Stick with the thing that works best for your child. Audio from the Quran Star Lamp is built into it, which can help your child learn faster.

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