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Islamic Studies Online

For those of us who live in western culture, Islamic education is essential. This education is essential for our children to be able to absorb religion even if they live in western countries. Islam is our identity and we must not forget about it. To protect their future, we must not only know about Islam but also pass it on to our children.

Making The Foundation

Islam teaches us a complete way to live. Religion is more than a belief. It is a complete way of living. Muslims must live according to Allah’s commands. You should teach your children about Islam and encourage them to live it. Children learn quickly and can be inspired by the information they are taught when they are younger. Children are born with innocent brains and hearts that can be easily shaped in any way you wish. Children take their impressions from the environment around them. It is the duty of all Muslim parents to educate their children about their faith as soon as they are young. They will absorb it like a sponge.

We offer the following courses

This course is particularly beneficial for children and new Muslims. Because they will be able understand the basic beliefs of their religion. This course is open to both men and women. It covers topics such as the life of the Prophet, Fiqh and Tauheed, History, Duas and hadith, and the holy Aimmah. The Islamic Studies For Kids course is a formal Deeni education. Our teachers will provide information about the values, theology and faiths.

We offer a course that will equip you with the necessary knowledge about the religion. Our children don’t always have 100% accurate information. This may not be sufficient to cover all aspects. Professional education is therefore necessary.

Why Us?

You may not receive the education you require from formal madrassas. You may not have qualified and educated teachers. We are the best choice for you, as we have qualified teachers. You will learn the truth about your religion. You will learn the true meaning of Islam through our teachings. Hire a tutor or other reliable resources to help you teach your children. Our teachers are the best resource to learn and understand the religion. Teachers are trained to give you the best chance to learn. They can help you instill the religious spirit within you and your family.

Children who live in secular schools and are educated in western countries have little contact with their religion. After school, they must go to an Islamic Quran Centers . Sometimes it is difficult for them to travel to these Centers. We can help such a Muslim. With the right Islamic education, we can help you keep Islam close to your heart. Our teacher is dedicated to helping you understand Islam.

We are available to provide you with formal religious education so that you can practice Islam at your own home. Religion is important for everyone and childhood is the best time to learn it. Because it’s the best time to teach them how to become good Muslims. Our Quan Academy Online will teach you not only the deen, but also the History of IslamAll Muslims can reach us easily. Classes can be started at any time.

We will help you to shape your mind so you can be identified as a true Muslim. You will also be taught how to maintain your Muslim values. Apart from your religion, you will also learn about culture and moral values. You will also learn about your religion and the miracles that Islam has done. Students of all ages are welcome to learn from us. We currently offer classes to many Muslim communities around the globe, including Australia, the USA, Canada, Australia, and other countries.

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Course Outlines

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